We are Color Hub

Developers of modern mobile applications. We try to create the most necessary applications that will be convenient to use. In our apps, we write Made by Color Hub as a seal of quality. A sign that it is important for us to deliver the best experience for you.


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Effortlessly plan and organize your grocery shopping with Green Lists. With this app, you can create custom grocery lists, save items to your list with a single tap, and even share your list with others. Never forget a grocery item again with Green Lists!

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Purple Diary is a minimalistic personal diary, blog or note-taking application. Record events from your life in a convenient application. Get back to your recordings anytime and from any device that supports Purple Diary. Now with Wear OS support.

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Made by

Color Hub



We want you not to be tied to one platform, so our applications are available on all current platforms.


Our applications are not overloaded with unnecessary functions. They have a modern, minimalist design for your convenience.

Unobtrusive advertising

Most of our apps do not and will not have ads. But where it is, you will never see pop-up banners, videos or anything else that will distract you.